Integrity Energy Solutions & Technology maximizes the performance of each of their clients’ properties.  They make and help to implement recommendations that will positively impact not only a facility’s efficiency, but also its performance.  An amazing fact is that, often times, the conditions that reduce energy efficiency also reduce a building’s ability to maintain space temperature and relative humidity setpoints.

In fact, Integrity Energy Solutions & Technology guarantees to reduce energy consumption while providing, at a minimum, the exact space conditions previously experienced.  More often than not, the conditions will actually improve, sometimes dramatically – while, at the same time, energy consumption goes down.

The facility wins, the users and customers of the facility win, and the environment wins.


Integrity Energy Solutions & Technology allows facilities to reduce their energy consumption by conducting a thorough analysis of the facility.  They first assess the health of all mechanical equipment and perform an energy audit.  They then recommend modifications that will increase performance and efficiency.  All recommendations are made from the business owner’s perspective ONLY.

Integrity Energy Solutions & Technology is not a contractor.  It does not represent a specific product.  It represents its clients.  It only recommends purchasing or replacing equipment if a solid case can be made from the business perspective.  A cost benefit analysis and payback period estimate is always provided to the client to help in their decision.  Never is there any requirement for a customer to accept these recommendations.  More often than not, very few modifications are required and payback periods average less than one year.

The primary tool Integrity Energy Solutions & Technology uses is the Building Automation System (BAS).  If a building is equipped with a BAS, we will modify the software, using techniques derived from Justin Verville’s two Master’s Degrees in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering, his experience as a Test Pilot in the US Navy, and as a Commercial Real Estate owner.  This experience simply cannot be acquired through training courses.  If a building does not have a BAS, Integrity Energy Solutions & Technology will install one.  The software, of course, will be custom designed by us using the same techniques.  There is absolutely nothing “cookie cutter” about this.  Unlike virtually any other Mechanical Contractor or Controls Contractor, every unit has custom software written for it – to maximize efficiency AND performance.