At Integrity Energy Solutions & Technology, we are focused on working with each of our clients to minimize their energy costs while maximizing temperature, humidity, and ventilation control performance, using their EXISTING equipment. 

In fact, we guarantee that we will do just that:   lower energy costs while maintaining or improving (which happens more often than not) a building’s temperature, humidity, and ventilation control.  If we do not, we don’t receive any compensation. Most importantly, our clients are not required to purchase any new equipment or repair their current equipment.  Our clients literally pay for the savings achieved, not for costly equipment or a costly service that may or may not produce improved efficiency.

We provide a solution that reduces the expenses of a business through reduced energy costs and extending the life of mechanical equipment through proper, manufacturer-approved control techniques and reduced runtimes.

This same solution also provides tangible benefits to our environment by reducing carbon emissions in a sustainable way - without preemptively disposing of existing equipment.  Frequently, businessowners and government entities are led to believe that the only way to improve energy efficiency is by replacing large, costly equipment – equipment that may have several years of life remaining.  We believe this common practice is antithetical to true sustainability.  Not only is the concept of filling landfills with good equipment not sustainability, it also is not economically justifiable.  This is especially true given the results repeatedly produced by Integrity Energy Solutions & Technology.

The reason for this dramatic disparity is that the companies that are promoting the concept of pre-emptive equipment replacement to achieve energy savings have a business model based on profit through selling equipment.  Simply, our business model is based on profit achieved through improving energy efficiency in a sustainable way. This fact literally puts us in a class of our own, as we have not seen another company with a business model structure similar to ours – nor have we witnessed a company produce consistent results like us. 

Our past clients will attest that we can reduce energy consumption of a facility by an almost unbelievable amount. 30%... 40%... 50%... sometimes as high as 80%, while maintaining or improving temperature, humidity, and ventilation control performance. You owe it to your organization to review our site, listen to the testimonials, and schedule a time to let us explain what we can do. The only thing that you have to lose... is the money you are currently paying to your utility companies.