Founded in 2008 by Justin Verville, a former U.S. Navy Test Pilot who worked in the F-14, F/A-18 and Tomahawk Missile Programs, Integrity Energy Solutions & Technology strives to help organizations improve energy efficiency, temperature, humidity, and ventilation control performance, using our clients existing equipment. Justin's educational background, military service, real world engineering experience and specialized analytical processes are what make our company unlike any other. The combination of all of these factors is what separates Integrity Energy Solutions & Technology from any other mechanical contractor, controls contractor, or energy services company on the planet.  This is why we achieve energy savings results that no other company can – all with minimal or no up-front costs.

Integrity Energy Solutions incorporates an Operations Division to handle the day-to-day requirements and needs of our clients. We are a full-service company that optimizes and then continuously monitors the performance of the Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning (HVAC) systems of each our clients.  By having Integrity Energy Solutions monitor your HVAC control systems, you can be assured that your organization is receiving daily attention that other companies are not able to provide. Not only is each building receiving high-level, detailed attention, but the attention is coming from Justin Verville and his staff of professionals incorporating the practices and programs continuously customized for each facility.  This is how Integrity Energy Solutions can substantially lower energy costs while maintaining or improving temperature conditions… a process that no other company can match.