Justin Verville - President

Justin Verville received his Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from Purdue University.  After graduation, he joined the US Navy where he flew the F-14D Super Tomcat operationally before being selected for the US Navy Test Pilot School (TPS).  Prior to attending TPS, he was given the opportunity to attend graduate school at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) in Monterey, California.  While studying at NPS, he earned not just one, but two Master’s Degrees in Aeronautical Engineering – one specializing in Control Systems, the other a more advanced Engineer’s Degree specializing in Aerodynamics.

After graduating from TPS and completing a “test tour”, testing upgrades to the F-14D, the F/A-18 Superhornet, and the Tomahawk Missile, he chose to separate from the Navy to pursue other interests.  The first such interest was in Commercial Real Estate.  He purchased a 5-story office building in need of renovation.  Because his funds were limited, he was forced to find ways to improve the efficiency of the building in all aspects.

He was successful in transforming the building into a profitable investment.  Because of this success, he chose to form Integrity Energy Solutions & Technology, where he now applies the lessons he learned in academia, testing advanced aircraft and weapons systems in the US Navy, and in the “real world” with his own Real Estate investments.

Jeff Strange - Vice President

Jeff Strange is a 1993 graduate of Kansas University, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics with an emphasis in Micro-Economics and International Trade.  Upon graduation, he pursed a career as an Officer and Pilot in the U.S. Navy. During that time, he performed two carrier deployments, accumulated 300 carrier landings, and amassed over 2000 total fight hours in the F-14B Tomcat, F-117A Stealth Fighter, T-38A Talon and C-9B.  This included a tour where he was hand-chosen for a select program as a U.S. Navy exchange pilot to fly the F-117A with the U.S. Air Force.  During this tour, in 2003, he flew multiple combat sorties in direct support of “Operation Iraqi Freedom.”

Leaving the active duty Navy in 2006 after 13-years of honorable service, Jeff is currently employed as a Captain at Southwest Airlines flying the Boeing 737. Additionally, he maintains his U.S. Navy reserve status at the current rank of Commander, as a C-40A Pilot at VR-56, NAS Oceana, Virginia Beach, Virginia.  He is currently serving as the squadron’s Commanding Officer.

Jeff joined Integrity Energy Solutions & Technology in 2013 and has now assumed the role of Vice President.  His primary focus is Marketing and Sales, but also is involved in overall company strategic planning and human resources management.

Mark Bunn - Director of Operations

Mark Bunn joined the Integrity Energy Solutions & Technology team in February 2013 as the Director of Operations.  Prior to this, Mark was the Director of Facilities for the Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA for 23 years.  During this time, he was in charge of all aspects of facility management of 11 different YMCA facilities in the eastern Virginia region.  In 2011, Mark and the YMCA, partnered with Integrity Energy Solutions & Technology, with the hopes of realizing energy savings.  During this period, Mark was closely involved with the entire process as the team assessed the mechanical systems at each facility and implemented changes.  In many cases, the individual facilities noticed substantial savings in propane, oil, and electricity in the first thirty days – and, ultimately, consistent savings between 30 and 70%.  Most impressively, he witnessed this level of savings while at the same time, due to changes in the control of the mechanical systems, the facilities’ temperature and humidity conditions actually improved – sometimes dramatically.

Because Mark experienced the services offered by Integrity from the client perspective first, he has a unique ability to relate to current and future clients.  As a result, he is often able to answer questions with a personal anecdote.  This gives him a high level of credibility and creates an environment of trust – where each and every client knows he is able to understand their interests, that they are being attended to as individuals, and that their facilities are in good and caring hands.

Mark believes in Integrity Energy Solutions & Technology “whole-heartedly”, and is excited to expand the company’s reach and help more and more clients realize the enormous energy savings he experienced first-hand.